About Puli News

Puli News is the official newsletter of the Puli Club of America.  It is published four times a year.  Members and subscribers also receive Puli Post, a short newsletter that is emailed on most non-Puli News months, so everyone can stay up to date about the club and events.

Both Puli News and Puli Post are made available on this PCA website to members and subscribers, who receive an email notification when each new issue is published online.  Compared to printing and mailing, this approach has helped save the club money, plus the online version of Puli News displays mostly color photographs, and of course is available much sooner than the printed/mailed version.  There is an option to receive a printed version for those who need it.


Members receive Puli News and Puli Post as part of their dues, but non-members can subscribe by clicking here: