Interesting Articles about the Puli

Here are some interesting articles about the Puli.  Enjoy them, and if you run across another, please let us know about it. Email websupport.


1970s-1980s –  PuliKeynotes – from Puli Club of Southern California
1980s – Puli Parade newsletter – from Pulik of Northern California
1974 –  The Puli Handbook by Dick Beauchamp & Allen Scruggs
1954 –  (Popular Dogs) Kicsi – The Story of a Puli by Hayes Blake Hoyt

1950 –  (AKC Gazette) A Christmas to Remember by Sylvia Curtis Owen
1948 –  (AKC Gazette) Breeds in Brief – No. 75 – Puli
1940 –  Testing Dog Intelligence  by W.M. Dawson & R. Katz

1938 –  A New Farm Dog?  by Carroll Streeter
1937 –  Heredity in the Dog  by W. M. Dawson
1936 –  Imported Puli Dogs  from US Department of Agriculture

Puli Coat Color
The following articles offer interesting and often differing views on this subject.  The Puli Club of America does not necessarily endorse the views in these articles.

  1962 – Pulik Color by Ellanor H. Anderson
  1988 – The True Color of the Puli by Art Sorkin
  1992 – A Decision Regarding the Puli Colour Variations by Elina Haapaniemi
2004 – Puli Color by Les Benis
  2007 – Puli Color Genetics by Sheila Schmutz, PhD – Updated 2021
  2021 – The Colours of the Puli by Stephanie Horan