Upgrading Individual Membership to Household


How to Upgrade an Individual Membership
To Household Membership

PCA has created a process to make it easier to upgrade an Individual Membership to a Household Membership.  Household memberships are for two people who reside at the same address.  A form has been created where:

  • the new member to be included in the household membership agrees to abide by the Constitution, By-Laws, rules of the American Kennel Club, and by the PCA Guidelines for Owners/Breeders/Exhibitors.
  • the new member supplies his/her name and occupation to the Board and has one current PCA member of the club in good standing write an endorsement for him/her.

As with all new members of the club, the application for membership will be published in the breed publication and voted on 30 days after the name has appeared in same.

To apply, complete the following process:  

  1. Upgrade Individual to Household Membership Application FormClick on this link to load the Application form.  To print, click on the printer icon in the upper left of the Adobe Reader window.  When finished, close the window.

  2. If you know two PCA members who will sponsor you, arrange for them to print off the above form, remove the Sponsorship form, fill it out and mail it to PCA’s Membership Coordinator.  Otherwise, please write a letter explaining why you want to join PCA.

  3. Current member and prospective new member should fill out their sections of the form and sign it.

  4. After reading the Guidelines, please sign them at bottom and attach to Membership form.

  5. Please be sure to sign twice — both the Application form and the Guidelines.

  6. Mail the two completed pages with payment for dues to the address at the bottom of the Application Form.

The form  is an Adobe Acrobat .PDF file.  If you have trouble accessing this form, you’ll need to download a free copy of the Adobe Reader.