Herding Titled – Important Info

If you and your Puli will be attending the PCA 2022 National Specialty in Dixon, Califorlnia, and if your Puli has a herding title, including HIT, HT or PT, then on Friday you may want to consider entering both the Herding Titled class and also (additional entry fee) your Puli’s normal Conformation class (such as 9-12 months, Open, BOB etc).

If entered only in the Herding Titled class, a dog is not eligible to compete for points or BOB.  On the other hand, if only entered in a normal Conformation class, your dog, even though having a herding title, is not eligible to compete in Herding Titled.

It’s also important to know that if your dog competes in Herding Titled but does not win that class, that dog is not eligible to compete for Best of Breed.

The following is a more detailed explanation from Barbara Gaffney of the Northern California Herding Group Assocation, the club hosting the Herding Breed show at the Dixon May Fairgrounds on Friday, October 28, 2022.

The herding titled class does not compete for points.  So if you want to compete for championship points you will want to enter Open Dog, or whatever regular class you choose.  You can also enter the Herding Titled class. The two winners of the Herding Titled classes (dog and bitch) will then compete for Best Herding Titled and move on to the Herding Titled Group competition.

If your dog doesn’t get Winners Dog but he wins the herding titled class, he won’t be eligible to compete for BOB (because he has been defeated in the regular classes); but as winner of the herding titled class he can compete for best herding titled.

If your dog is Winners Dog but he doesn’t win his herding titled class, he can’t compete for BOB but he can compete for BOW.

Bottom line:  Open Dog class competes for championship points.  Herding Titled class competes for best herding titled and a chance to move to the Herding Titled group.