2021 National Specialty Store

We have 2 Specialty stores this year which are offering a superb collection of products and clothing with our wonderful 2021 National logo. Kentucky, of course, is known for horses and equestrian activities, and our National is taking place at the well-known Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington.

All products can be picked up at the National, saving on shipping, or we can ship either to US addresses or to International addresses.

The products this year are really special.  Get your orders in early!

2021 Clothing Items Specialty Store offers 11 different products with the Specialty logo: Short- or Long-Sleeved Tee Shirts, Fleece Vests and Jackets, Mens or Ladies Polo Shirts, Hoodies and Sweatshirts, and popular Denim Shirts. 

Clothing Items Specialty Store –  Sorry, orders are no longer being taken at this store

2021 Exclusive Items Specialty Store boasts 5 unique products all with the 2021 Specialty logo:  a Lunch Tote perfect for ringside, Mouse Pads, a Stainless Tumbler that can hold either hot or cold drinks, a T-Shirt made of water-wicking fabric for those hot days, and a Cooling Exercise Towel.

Exclusive Items Specialty Store – Pick up at National
Exclusive Items Specialty Store – Shipped to USA
Exclusive Items Specialty Store – Shipped to International addresses
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