Herding Tests at the 2019 National – Starts at 10am Monday

Monday, Oct 28 PCA2009Cal-2 2019 Herding Tests Premium List

Entries for HT & PT tests close 6:00 PM MST, Wednesday October 9, 2019

Instinct Test can be entered the day of the test

We have a great Herding day planned for Monday, October 28!

  • A Herding 101 seminar will be available for $25 a person (payable on site), starting at 10am for about 90 minutes. For those with dogs who’ve never been on sheep, this will also offer an opportunity to introduce your Puli to sheep before the tests.
  • We are offering 2 Puli-only Herding Tests on Monday, October 28.  There will be 2 judges and 2 tests for Instinct Test, HT and PT, so your Puli could possibly earn a Herding title or Certificate in one day.  Entry fee per dog, per test is $25.

The Herding Instinct Test (HIT) is a simple test to determine whether or not your dog has the “instinct” required for herding. No prior training is required.

For Herding Tested (HT) and Pre-trial Tested (PT) dogs must have training and prior exposure to livestock. All three tests are a non-competitive pass/fail format, and require two passes, under two different judges, to earn the HIT certificate or HT or PT title. Herding Instinct Tests can be entered ‘day of the show’ until maximum entries are reached. HT and PT require pre-entry. 

NOTE:  For the Instinct Tests only, you can enter on the day of the tests.  There is a maximum number of 25 entries per test.  If you plan to sign up on the day of the test, please have your entry forms with you and filled out.  This will ensure you have the right information (AKC registration number, date of birth, etc.) and will speed up the process.

Location is Ranch Terra Norte, 1227 East County Road 82, Wellington, CO.

Your Puli may have a ton of fun.  And remember, Herding titles and certificates count towards the Versatile Puli award.

Enter by Mail
You can print/fill out the entry form(s) in the Premium List and mail with check to the Herding Test Secretary (mailing address in Premium List) to be received by 6:00pm MST, Wednesday, October 9, 2019.

Or, Enter and Pay Online

Entry Forms

For each form, fill it out on your computer, then:

  • Print, sign and mail it to the Herding Test Secretary at the address in the Premium List, OR
  • Save the pdf file to your computer, then email it to the Test Secretary
    (Typing your name in the Signature field at the bottom of the form represents your signature and agreement with the rules)

Pay Online

Click one of the Add to Cart buttons below.  Payment can be done using PayPal below (you need not have a PayPal account, just a credit card).  

Herding Instinct Test
HT Test
PT Test

To enter both tests, after clicking Add to Cart, click the + (plus sign) in the Quantity column.  You can finalize payment from the Shopping Cart page after adding your final request, or from this page, first click the View Cart button.  Then just click either of the Check Out buttons.