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Online Book of Titleholders

PCA continues its tradition of honoring Pulis receiving titles each year. You can find and display the "BOT" information, including photos and pedigree charts when available. BOT updated Nov 2019 with AKC titles through Sept 2019

Pick one the the following options to find the Puli that you'd like to see:

Annual Book of Titleholders  to see list of all receiving AKC titles that year
Scans of Printed Book of Titleholders  each PDF can be searched individually, but not by searches below
Registered Name  partial name* is ok
Registration Number  partial number** is ok
Call Name  
Find pedigrees with missing sires / dams  partial name* is ok
Trial Pedigree pick Sire and Dam and see what the offspring's pedigree will look like
Advanced Search search by breeder, owner etc. & can specify how many generations to display
Book of First 200 Puli Champions in the US A treasured early history of Puli Champions from 1948 to 1969, with photos

Tip: On the results page, click "Pedigree" for a printable pedigree. Or click "Pedigree w/Links" to see a color-coded pedigree showing multiple use of same sire or dam.

"Find pedigrees with missing sires / dams" can be used to find your Pulis that have a missing sire or dam somewhere in their pedigree. Try entering the kennel name, for example. This will list matching Pulis that have at least one missing sire or dam. Use this to help us complete the pedigree info for your Pulis.

Please send us your favorite photo for the Online BOT.  If you publish a new title photo in Puli News and there's not yet a photo in BOT, we will use the new title photo.  But you can replace the BOT photo at any time. Just mail the photo to OnlineBOT.

*  Any word in the Registered Name will be found - doesn't have to be at the beginning of the name
** If multiple littermates have received titles, you can list them all by entering just the AKC litter number (1st 6 digits of registration number)

Special thanks to Dagmar Fertl for scanning the classic printed BOT books as well as the Book of 200 Puli champions. This work helps preserve the Puli Club's history in electronic form.

Note to PCA Members:
While we do our best to provide correct information, there are no guarantees as to the accuracy of the data published at this site.
If you see an error or missing data, please email us at OnlineBOT
In particular, please send us missing pedigree information and call names.

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